“Give children in east Africa a chance”

We are

… a private initiative, founded in 2009 with the aim of tackling the causes of poverty and distress found specifically in East Africa.  In order to solve these problems it is important ot isolate the specific causes behind them.  The inaccessibility of secondary education is at the root of many problems in East Africa.  We believe that helping people to attain a good education and thus the ability to help themselves and their communities, is therefore of primary importance.

In Africa, the life plays out in the  “here and now”.   The average citizen is consumed by immediate problems: drought or famine, for example.  In the struggle to get through the day, there is little planning or resource management.  This is a problem that can be solved by education.  When the younger generation learns to understand the importance of organizing and managing water, land, food and other resources,  these problems will gradually reduced.     When students receive the necessary training in agriculture and engineering, they are on their way to becoming invaluable in supporting the potential of their beautiful land: building wells, schools,  well-maintained farms that are sustainable over decades or becoming teachers to help others.

The drinking water supply alone is a major problem in East Africa.  With the proper implementation of simple modern technology, this situation could be very quickly improved.

What we do

long term:

…We award scholarships to talented students, where the funds for further education are missing because they are orphans or the parents do not have the necessary funds. We pay for the school fees, uniforms, books,etc.

short term:

 … We offer schools and orphanages drinking water facilities, to enable an adequate and high quality drinking water for not only the privileged but also for the poorest.

What we stand for

The administrative costs of the Foundation are paid for privately by us, so 100% of any donation will reached the receiver.